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How to Draw a Unicorn

This is a close-up of a unicorn head that I painted for a collector’s plate series years ago. Follow the steps below to draw him. These are similar to the steps for drawing horse heads in my Drawing Horses book.

Materials: An HB (#2 school pencil) a sharpener, and an eraser (I like Kneaded Erasers.)

Study the reference picture carefully. Start with simple light lines and shapes. Start with  two ovals for his cheek and muzzle. Indicate the front of his face with a triangle shape to help place the eye. Add curved lines for his neck.

Add an eye shape. A slight curving mouth and a nostril (like a #6.) Add lines to indicate a flowing mane. Add two wavy lines coming to a point for his horn. 

Look carefully again at the reference picture and refine the outlines, adding details, then erasing your beginning guidelines.

Add a little shading for a realistic look.