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The Coloring Book world now includes books that are not just line art, but images in shades of gray which are then colored over with colored pencils so the values still show through, giving the pictures depth and realism. My oil paintings from my children’s books converted to grayscale are really fun to color. I have made a number of videos on coloring grayscale pictures on YouTube: My COLORING TUTORIALS

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    Beautiful Birds!

    My new coloring book for 2023 is Beautiful Birds, a grayscale coloring book for adults. The images are from many different picture books I’ve done over the years that have images of birds in them. The Secret…

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    Nursery Rhymes

    Color your own pictures of these 36 delightful nursery rhymes. With the rhymes included! I carefully converted the color images to a light grayscale, so you can color right over the tones with colored pencils, and the…

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    Fantasy Faces

    These 24 images are grayscaled from my many paintings. There is a bonus section at the back of the book with 6 practice portraits and color combinations for various skin colors. The book includes a lighter and…

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    Bring these fey creatures to life with your own color! These 24 grayscaled images were created from my many paintings of fairies. The print version of the coloring book contains both a lighter and darker version, as…