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The Crystal Mountain

When a weaver dreams of a lush land, she works tirelessly to recreate the place in a beautiful tapestry. But she and her three sons barely have time to admire her handiwork when the tapestry is stolen by jealous fairies. First Leon, the strong eldest son, then Blaine, the intellectual second son, vow to retrieve the tapestry. Yet neither Leon’s strength nor Blaine’s intelligence is enough to carry them to the tapestry’s whereabouts—high atop a shimmering crystal mountain. When his brothers fail to return, Perrin, the youngest son, sets off to recover the tapestry. Perrin’s determination and talent help him outwit the fairy thieves—proving that the mightiest hero is often the most unlikely. Ruth Sanderson weaves a magical spell in this retelling of an enchanting tale.

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