The novel begins in March, when Susie Spinner, a seventh grader comes down with strep throat and must stay in bed for more than a month. After recovering, she finds that everything around her has changed–her sister is angry and decides to leave home, and her best friend is now dating the school bully, Trevor, who’s determined to make Susie’s life miserable. Realizing the loneliness of her situation, one day Susie decides to take a walk in the Clary meadow, where she finds a secret grove, so faerie-like, that she makes a vow of silence. However, an angry boy, who’s also quite lonely, happens upon her, and thinking she is not able to speak, tells her many of the troubling things going on in his life. The situations that all the characters in this novel go through are so painful and realistic that the reader really empathizes with them.

Publisher: Atheneum, 1976
ISBN: 0689305133