A Storm of Horses

Cover of A Storm of Horses by Ruth Sanderson

A Storm of Horses is my first picture book biography for children, about a woman artist who loved to draw and paint horses, just like I do. Only she lived 200 years ago!

DESCRIPTION, from the publisher:

An inspiring picture book about Rosa Bonheur, the most famous female painter of her century, published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the artist’s birth.

In a stunning ode to underrepresented women everywhere, award-winning illustrator Ruth Sanderson tells the untold story of French artist Rosa Bonheur in this picture book biography.

Rosa Bonheur was born in 1822 in France at a time when young women had limited options beyond being a wife and mother. But Rosa wouldn’t stand for this. She wore pants, rode horses astride, and often broke society’s rules. She wanted to be a famous painter just like her father. Female artists at the time were encouraged to paint domestic scenes of children and family, but Rosa was determined to capture the unbridled wild beauty of horses.

Her masterpiece The Horse Fair was eight feet high and sixteen feet wide. Rosa went on to become the most celebrated artist of her time with paintings purchased by art collectors, museums, and galleries around the world. With the decline in popularity of realistic painting, Rosa’s trailblazing story was almost forgotten.

Revel at the bravery and fortitude of young Rosa as you take in Ruth Sanderson’s immaculate rendition of her life and artistry.”

“An engrossing and stunning biography of a feminist and LGBTQIA+ icon who deserves more accolades and adoration than evident to present day; especially recommended for art or women’s history students … Sanderson’s oil painting illustrations bring Bonheur and her experiences to life … The concise and informative writing style will please any biography lover.”
— School Library Journal, starred review

With a clearly written narrative and beautifully composed oil paintings, this picture book offers a memorable introduction to Rosa Bonheur.”

—Booklist, starred review

Cover of A Storm of Horses by Ruth Sanderson
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