“When the Snow Princess sets off to see the world, her parents have but one warning — never fall in love. The Snow Princess journeys alone through many lands and finally is captivated by a young man who tends sheep and plays the flute. The young Sergei wins her over with the sound of his music, and as the two spend more time together, the Snow Princess dreams of her parents’ warning. In the chaos of a powerful snowstorm, the Snow Princess must decide her own fate.

Inspired by a Russian ballet, The Snow Princess gracefully unfolds into a beautiful fairy tale that warms the heart.”

"""The book jacket is nothing short of amazing. Here, small perfect snowflakes look and feel like tiny diamonds. It's like Disney, but with good taste."" -Philadelphia City Paper ""It is easy to underestimate the power of Sanderson's exquisite oil paintings, with their glowing textures and near-perfect detail."" -Kirkus Reviews"

Publisher: Little, Brown, 2004
ISBN: 0-316-77982-2

Price: $25.00