A weaver of brocaded cloth dreams of a perfect place and weaves it in cloth. When the Fairies of the Crystal Mountain steal it, she sends her three sons to get it back. With the help of three magic horses her youngest son Perrin goes through firey plains and icey seas and at last reaches the Crystal Mountain. Will he succeed in his task?

Author Notes:
This story is a combination of motifs from two tales - The Magic Brocade and The Princess on the Glass Hill. Although the first story is Chinese, it translated will to a European setting in the 15th century, a time of elaborate tapestry-making. I enjoy "weaving" stories together as opposed to straight retellings. In this way I can incorporate themes and motifes of special interest to me and come up with (hopefully) a unique tale. I borrowed the three magical horses from The Princess on the Glass Hill to replace a stone horse that comes to life. The "Mountain of the Sun" became the Crystal (Glass) Mountain.

"Sanderson's lush, detailed oil paintings are perfectly suited to the theater of fairy tale, where blood red bays may be summoned by a whistle's trill, and heroes climb mountains of crystal to reach palaces inhabited by velvet-clothed princesses." - Kirkus

Publisher: Little, Brown, 1999

Note: A very limited quantity of this book, signed by the illustrator, available through the SHOPS page on this website.