Papa Gatto, trusted advisor to the prince, learns that judgement can be clouded by appearances when he hires the lovely Sophia to care for his eight tiny kittens. When Papa Gatto realizes his mistake, his home is in shambles, his kittens are neglected, and a priceless heirloom is in Sophia’s hands. Fortunately, the next helper he hires is Beatrice, whose affection for his kittens assures him that this time he has found someone he can trust. The crafty Sophia, however, has other ideas…

Author Notes:
Papa Gatto is the result of combining a number of Italian fairytales with a similar element - a talking cat. It is a Cinderella-type story with a bit of Puss in Boots as well. And there's a slightly modern twist at the end, when the young lady declines the Prince's proposal in favor of living with her beloved cats! My own cat Duke was the model for Papa Gatto, along with my daughter Whitney, who posed as the cat's body.

"Sanderson's elegant, richly descriptive language contributes to a smooth retelling, and her lavish oil paintings are as beautifully handled as the narrative." - Booklist

Publisher: Little, Brown, 1995
ISBN: 0316771120