For centuries, the Gospels of Matthew and Luke have brought the story of the birth of Christ to audiences of all ages. From te breathtaking appearance of the angel Gabriel to the arduous journey of the three wisemen, from the chilling decree of Herod to the return of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus to Nazareth, this story becomes all the more vivid when paired with the luminous and detailed illustrations of talented artist Ruth Sanderson. Incorporating the traditional elements of an illuminated manuscript, this spectacular volume is a book to be treasured and shared with family and friends.

Sanderson illustrates the story of Jesus from the Angel Gabriel's annunciation of Jesus' birth to the holy family's return to Nazareth from Egypt. Each left-hand page features the text in a parchment-colored box bordered with gold and decorated in the style of an illuminated manuscript, framed by the white page. Opposite, within a more elaborate border, appears a painting illustrating the text. Done in a style reminiscent of pre-Renaissance Italian painters, the paintings are tableaux of such familiar scenes as the annunciation, the shepherds in the field and at the manger, and the flight to Egypt. Although the paintings have a rather static quality, the lively borders are freer, more joyful, and more beautiful....This simple, pretty book about the early life of Christ belongs in many public libraries as well as in church and parochial school collections.

Publisher: Little, Brown, 1993
ISBN: 9780316770644