Mother Goose’s well-loved verses are childhood treasures. At once silly, wise, and lyrical, they have endured through the centuries. You are sure to find your favorite rhymes in this new version of the classic. Ruth Sanderson adds a fairy tale theme by featuring elves and fairies in many of the pictures, sometimes in plain sight and sometimes in hiding. This 64-page collection is sure to provide hours of laptime reading with a young child discovering the new world of language and books.

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"As fans of Ruth Sanderson's painterly fairy tale retellings might expect, her Mother Goose collection is an invitation to an old-fashioned world of enchantment. Her oil paintings teem with Victrioan fairies and elves as well as human beings: they present gardens full of wild flowers, pumpkin houses, mice in waistcoats, tables set for tea, and a plump muffin man, and each time the human details merge attractively with the imaginary scenery....Luminous and elegant. - Publisher's Weekly (March 2008)

Publisher: Little, Brown and Co., 2008 Interlink Publishing 2019
ISBN: 9780316777186  

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