Ruth Sanderson offers a fresh, heartwarming twist to the classic story. In the new happy ending, Goldilocks makes up for her presumptuous infractions on the Three Bears’ household by helping them make muffins with the berries she’s picked from the woods near their home. Charming artwork—topped off with a tried-and-true recipe for homemade blueberry muffins—make this new edition of Goldilocks a story time treasure that is just right.

Sanderson retells the familiar story of Goldilocks simply and with verve, adding an appealingly different ending. Her Goldilocks has been blueberry picking when she comes upon the bears' cottage, which they have left to take a walk. Forgetting her manners, she goes right in. She has the traditional experiences with the three bowls of porridge and the three chairs. Feeling tired, she tries the three beds and falls asleep in the one that is "just right." Upon their return, the bears are distressed to find their door open and a mess in the room. When they discover Goldilocks, however, Baby Bear wants to keep her. Momma Bear suggests that Goldilocks make the beds. She then helps Mama Bear weave a new seat for Baby Bear's chair. When the bears announce that they are hungry, Goldilocks offers her blueberries. All delight as they make blueberry muffins. Sanderson uses graphite pencil and Old Holland oil paints for lush, naturalistic double-page paintings filled with details of furniture, dishes, architecture, and more. Mixing a human with bears in peasant costumes works for this fairy tale. A blueberry muffin recipe is included. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz, CHILDREN"S LITERATURE

Publisher: Little, Brown, 2009

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