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World of Fairies adult coloring book

March 16, 2016 by

I am hooked on the adult coloring book idea. I recently finished 15 black and white fairy pen and ink illustrations for inclusion in an upcoming fairy coloring book from Fairy Magazine. I'll post a link when it's available. Corgi Fairy_SandersonMeanwhile, I have been enjoying doing pen and ink drawings of fairies, and have decided to create many more images. I might run a Kickstarter to raise money to print a limited edition of 1000, titled THE WORLD OF FAIRIES Adult Coloring Book. I plan to do some coloring videos too, after I figure out coloring with markers! Trying out a brand called Chameleon, which are quite blendable. I also really love Verithin colored pencils by Prismacolor. Stay tuned! Ruth NEWS! The book is available! I decided to go ahead and self-pub rather than do a Kickstarter. I'll see how it goes, and might do one for my next coloring book, FANTASTIC CATS....

2 Responses to World of Fairies adult coloring book

  1. Rachel Vance

    Please let me know when you do a coloring book. I’ve collected coloring books for 40 years. I really don’t care that much for the new style of coloring books because they are too busy and actually make me nervous. I prefer the realistic pictures to color and your art, especially the horse drawings are absolutely amazing.

    • ruthsanderson Post author

      Hi Rachel,

      My WORLD OF FAIRIES coloring book is now available on Amazon. And I am offering a PDF version if people want to print on heavy paper. And a set of the images formatted as greeting cards, too. All best,