The Coloring Book world now includes books that are not line art, but images in shades of grey which are then colored over so the values still show through, giving the pictures depth and realism. The old masters did this with oil paintings in "Grisaille," or tones of grey, and then glazed color over the tones to create pictures with a strong sense of a "light and shade" pattern. I decided to try my hand at producing a coloring book in grey tones, or Grayscale, the term commonly used now. The Twelve Dancing Princesses seemed a perfect choice, as there is so much detail in the pictures. I spent close to a month adjusting the images and getting proofs printed. The tones can't be as dark as the original paintings, especially the flesh tones. Here are some images from the book. THis is available on Amazon as a print book, and also on my ETSY shop as PDF downloads people can print on their paper of choice, as many times as they want. ORDER THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES FROM AMAZON HERE   ORDER THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES FROM ETSY HERE