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The CATS Have Arrived in the Castle!

February 22, 2015 by

A Castle Full of Cats BOOK GIVEAWAY!

To celebrate the release of my new picture book! Simply leave a short comment about  why you love your cat at the bottom of this post or email to enter.

All comments must be posted/emailed by February 21st,

The winner will receive a signed copy of the book, inscribed with a sketch of your favorite cat (you'll need to send me a photo)

The winner will be posted here on February 22nd


The lucky winner is Hilary Welliver for her lovely description of Julian:

"Julian waits in the window to welcome me home each day. His fur is soft and thick, and his markings form a heart on his chest. Julian purrs like a buzz saw. He has the most expressive voice. His paws smell like popcorn."

Congrats, Hilary!

 You can get get your immediate cat and kitten fix HERE

Or order from your local independent bookseller.

They are also in Barnes and Noble

A Castle Full of Cats coverHere are some nice reviews from Kirkus and Booklist:

"Wouldn't anyone be happy with a castle full of cats? "Once there was a queen / who kept a castle full of cats. / She loved the pretty ones and the plain ones, / the sweet ones and the brats." She pampers them with abandon; everyone has fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cats are confident in her love, but they want to win the king's, too. "They tried their best to please him / in oh-so-clever ways, / and left him charming little gifts / to brighten up his days." (These gifts include a mouse in his shoe). They warm his chair in the morning and try to satisfy his love of music and art (with serenades at the piano and claw paintings on the walls). When he becomes upset, the queen just tells him they are only being cats. When he's had enough, he storms off and returns with his idea of the perfect pet: a drooling bull mastiff! Could this be the end of kitty cat fun and games? Not quite...the cats love the present he's brought them. Sanderson's 18th-century king and queen and their adoring brood of pussycats come to life in each detailed, double-page spread watercolor. The palatial rooms and rococo decor will entrance readers, and the purring masses of cats offer plenty of humor for repeat readings Charming, expressive and surprising."  -Kirkus "From the cover crawling with cats to the endpapers showing 37 felines, this is a cat-lover’s dream. Told in rhyming text, a bewigged and beribboned queen loves, loves, loves cats. Her affection is obvious—feline portraits and objects d’art adorn every room. However, the king’s disgruntled face shows his lack of enthusiasm for his wife’s cat-infested household. To win him over, the mousers bring him gifts of fish skeletons and dead mice. Stomping off in a huff, the king retaliates by returning with a Great Dane. Does this spell an end to the fun? No indeed, the menagerie finds the canine to be the purr-fect pal! Sanderson’s artwork depicts beautiful castle interiors filled with light and gilt and glamor. The queen and king are attired sumptuously, and each cat has its own personality with antics to match. Their various colors and breeds make for a fun romp as children can follow each one as they creep and pounce, play and snuggle, and perform mischievous tricks." — Lolly Gepson   -Booklist   Meou!! Ruth

16 Responses to The CATS Have Arrived in the Castle!

  1. Martha Jackson

    I’ve loved all your books but this one has become my favorite! As a life-long cat lover I can’t think of anything nicer than to see all your kitties at play in the castle, each so different and unique a personality, and adorably trying so hard to win the king’s affection. I especially loved the wonderful surprise of the new addition to the castle family. I’m a children’s librarian and look forward to showing this to all my young patrons.

    • ruthsanderson Post author

      Thanks so much, Martha. This is my first attempt at rhyme, and at humor, for a younger audience. I hope your patrons enjoy it!

  2. Kathy Sammon

    My cat Ollie cannot get close enough to my dog Andy. When it gets time for his nap, he takes two or three side steps toward Andy and plops himself down on him. He sometimes covers half of his body but Andy doesn’t seem to mind. The only thing he doesn’t like is when Ollie starts to kneed him. I’ve never seen two animals love each other this much!!

  3. Emma

    I love my 2 cats, Howl and Sophie, because they are funny, sweet and mischievous. They love to interrupt my while I work on important homework, walk across my paintings and laptop keyboard. Howl is a gray short-hair who loves to jump on the bookshelf to knock over whatever he can, race around the house from room to room and poke my face with his wet nose at 1:00 AM if he is bored. Sophie is a sweet, fat calico who loves to cuddle under my covers, chase hair bands, and sit, purring on my lap. Both of them remind me daily that sometimes everyone just needs a break, and to enjoy the little things in life (like shoestrings and sunshine.)

    • ruthsanderson Post author

      Aren’t cats grand? (And yet some people would find all this annoying, like the King in my story….)

  4. Burma Shaw

    Did you get the answer I was composing, by chance? My cat walked on the mouse as I was writing (and not paying attention to her), which made the screen go crazy, so I don’t know if you got my (half written) answer. Would you let me know please? Thank you!!

  5. jessalyn schwarz

    I love my cat because she will go for walks around the neighborhood with me and my two big dogs (a great Dane and a Ridgeback) and she is the boss! people come out of their yards and say hi. She is well behaved, carefully crosses roads, heels next to the dogs and is a joy! occasionally she will exlplore on her own then run like the wind to catch up with the dogs (who look less tough!). i love her xx

  6. Dana Lewis

    i bought castle full of cats from amazon and some pages in the book were stuck together and ripped when trying to separate. i retuned and received a new copy and this second book had the same issues. i contacted amazon and they promised me this replacement bbok will be checked prior to sending. i just thought you should know in case this is a larger issue. as always i relish your work! dana lewis

    • ruthsanderson Post author

      I am so sorry – this is quite worrisome! I did just get my box of copies from the publisher and they are fine. I wonder if the shipment to Amazon got damp or something. I will report this to the publisher. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Claire Lordon

    I loved my cat Marshmellow (Marshie) because she had a sweet heart. She was very social and loved meeting new people. She also was great company and an overall joy.

    Congratulations on your new book!

  8. Hilary Welliver

    Julian waits in the window to welcome me home each day. His fur is soft and thick, and his markings form a heart on his chest. Julian purrs like a buzz saw. He has the most expressive voice. His paws smell like popcorn.

  9. Hilary Welliver

    Ruth: “A Castle Full of Cats” arrived today! Thank you! I love the drawing of Julian! Hilary