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February 1, 2015 by

Treasure Cover_smallHORSE RESCUE: TREASURE is the first in a series of horse stories inspired by real horses and horse rescue facilities. TREASURE was written by my daughter, Whitney, who is the author of two books in the Random House HORSE DIARIES series–GOLDEN SUN and DARCY, which I illustrated. A few summers ago Whitney volunteered at Little Brook Farm in Old Chatham NY,  the oldest horse rescue facility in the US.  She was greatly impressed by their work, especially the theraputic riding, and the field-trip programs for urban schools. Whitney decided to write a book inspired by the horses there. Like the HORSE DIARIES, this story is told from the horse's point of view. I was pleased to create the cover illustration for the project, based on a photo of the horse that inspired the story. Whitney generously plans to donate half her proceeds to Little Brook Farm. I encouraged her to publish using Create Space, the Amazon self-publishing arm, so she can control the price and also print books inexpensively for the farm to sell. If you'd like a poignant read for yourself or a young horse lover, and would like to help support horses in need, here is the link to ORDER THE BOOK. NOTE:  If you purchase TREASURE on Amazon along with either of  her other books, DARCY and GOLDEN SUN, which I illustrated, people who buy those on Amazon in the future will see TREASURE listed and more people will find out about it. Since this is self-published, that and social media/word of mouth will be the best ways for people to find out the book exists. If you are interested in a digital copy --- Here is a link to a Kindle version.

2 Responses to NEW HORSE SERIES

  1. Amber MacQuarrie


    I recently acquired from a yard sale (put on by a young 15 year old girl) the book Where Have the Unicorns Gone that you illustrated and was so blown away that I decided to look you up. Your work is absolutely breathtaking! Scrolling through this site, I went ahead here to check out your daughter’s work from Amazon. I noticed at the bottom pictures of her other series Horse Diaries, realized that they looked familiar, reached into my yard sale bag, to realize I bought the whole set from the same young girl! Obviously you have a very talented family! My daughter is only 2, but she’s already obsessed with horses, unicorns and the like and I’m excited to continue to share yours and your daughter’s work with her. I can’t wait to read Horse Diaries to her when she’s older and am excited to see what else you have (after I read Where Have the Unicorns Gone ten more times amidst exclamation about your pictures by 3 kids!) so I can purchase more of your work from you, for her. It’s especially nice to see that you’re local (I’m from New Hampshire), which I didn’t expect. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and I look forward to catching up on all of your established work and following your new work as it comes. Thanks again! God bless!


    • ruthsanderson Post author

      Thanks, Amber. I am so pleased you have discovered my work, and that your little girl enjoys it!