By Ruth Sanderson

Nursery rhymes have existed for as long as there have been mothers rocking their children to sleep. Children today still love these sing-song, silly, whimsical, magical, sometimes mysterious rhymes. They are powerful little ditties. Parents take delight when their two or three-year old recites the verses back to them word for word. Or, better yet, sings them. Repeating the rhymes is fun and learning to speak becomes a great game!    

Author Notes:
Note: If you are a fan of coloring books for adults, you can find Mother Goose Rhymes grayscale coloring books on Amazon, that you can color to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake to share with a special child. A free PDF of the coloring book comes with the picture book. Look in the Artist’s Note for the link.

Publisher: Golden Wood Studio, 2018

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